Ascendis Pharma Inc.

Ascendis Pharma, a clinical-stage company, is applying its innovative TransCon technology, which combines the benefits of prodrug and sustained-release technologies, to develop a pipeline of best‐in‐class therapeutics that address significant unmet medical needs. The TransCon technology can be applied to existing drug therapies, including proteins, peptides and small molecules, to create prodrugs that provide for the predictable and sustained release of an unmodified parent drug. TransCon Growth Hormone, ASND’s lead program, has advanced to a pivotal heiGHt Trial for once-weekly dosing in pediatric patients.

Foresite Capital believes that the TransCon platform enables a relatively de-risked approach to developing long-acting therapeutics. The TransCon technology is designed to solve the fundamental limitations of previous approaches applied to extend duration of a drug’s action in the body, and to enhance the overall benefit of a given therapeutic. TransCon Growth Hormone aims to provide patients affected by growth hormone deficiency (GHD) a once-weekly treatment option, which has the potential to improve compliance and meaningfully improve outcomes. In the past, patients with GHD have been treated using daily injections of recombinant human growth hormone (hGH). The administrative burden of daily injections causes two out of three patients to miss more than one injection per week. This poor compliance has been associated with sub-optimal treatment outcomes and will no longer be an issue with weekly-dosing offered by Ascendis’ TransCon Growth Hormone.