Color Genomics, Inc.


Color Genomics provides high-quality, physician-ordered genetic testing at a low cost. Color offers affordable genetic screening tests aimed at analysis and identification of the two biggest disease areas in the U.S., cancer and cardiovascular disease. The goal of Color’s genetic tests is to identify high risk individuals through genetic screening and inform steps for preventative care. Early detection and prevention of disease offers enormous opportunities for improved healthcare outcomes and cost savings. For example, by moving the detection of cancer forward by one stage, a 30% cost reduction to the healthcare system and a 50% higher chance of survival for the patient can be achieved.

Color has built its genetic testing services from the ground-up, using a proprietary software driven product. As a result, the cost of goods sold on its tests is much lower than their competitors and allows Color to offer its product at much lower prices than the competition. Having the upper hand economically will also allow scalability and expansion into new products with ease. Color plans to eventually expand beyond cancer and cardiovascular products into additional product categories such as carrier screening, neurological diseases, and other therapeutic areas.