Guy Haskin Fernald, PhD

Staff Data Scientist

Guy analyzes biomedical data and builds big-data infrastructure and machine learning pipelines at Foresite.

Guy brings both biomedical science and software development expertise to the team at Foresite Capital. Before joining Foresite he built large-scale machine learning and data analysis pipelines for the preclinical drug discovery platform at Vium, Inc. In his doctoral research at Stanford University, Guy developed novel machine learning methods to predict drug binding and drug-induced gene expression changes. During his academic career, he authored papers for peer-reviewed journals in immunology, chemical informatics, biomedical informatics, and clinical pharmacology.

Guy also brings more than 20 years of software industry experience to the team. He was a founder and engineer at several ecommerce companies including NetMarket and Ariba, Inc, and he is an author on two patents.


  • PhD in Biomedical Informatics and Master’s in Medicine from Stanford University
  • More than 20 years industry experience in software development
  • Former data scientist for preclinical drug discovery