Joshua Hoffman, PhD

Senior Scientist, Genomics Discovery

Josh is a statistical geneticist , focused on the application of high-throughput genetic and genomic technologies for drug target discovery.

Before joining the Foresite Capital team, Josh was an Investigator at GlaxoSmithKline(GSK) in the statistical genetics group. While at GSK, Josh was focused on drug target discovery and validation using large scale genetic data. He completed his PhD in Human Genetics at Vanderbilt, with a focus on modeling macular degeneration using quantitative phenotypes. He went on to a postdoctoral fellowship at UCSF, studying the genetic architecture of breast cancer risk, asthma, allergy, and atopic disease risk using a combination of GWAS, cis-eQTL, and other molecular data types. His discovery experience spans the analysis of quantitative phenotypes in bottlenecked, endogamous populations such as the Old Order Amish, linkage analysis, association analysis, and nomination of functional hypotheses from dissection of GWAS loci.


  • PhD in Human Genetics from Vanderbilt University
  • Extensive experience using large scale biobank data for genetics studies