Phil Kallos

Director of Engineering

Phil oversees the internal systems at Foresite, and focuses on managing and leveraging data, as well as internal data processes.

Prior to joining Foresite, Phil worked as Director of Data Engineering for ShopStyle, a shopping search platform. In this role he focused on leveraging data and machine learning to improve search, and build personalization into the core of the product. During his tenure, Phil and his team also developed intellectual property in the field of search ranking. Prior to this, Phil worked as an Engineering Architect at PopSugar, where he built foundational web technologies that scaled to serve billions of content views per month.

Phil received a B. Eng. in Computer Engineering from McGill University. Also, an active member of the open source software community, he has made notable contributions to big data processing platforms.


  • Built and led data science, engineering and search teams with research and development focus.
  • Over 9 years of data and software engineering experience.