Zafgen is developing treatments for a wide range of complex metabolic conditions where the MetAP2 pathway plays a central role. Zafgen’s proprietary development platform, and insights into the unique characteristics of each disease, enable them to design a new class of MetAP2 therapies with tissue distribution characteristics tailored to the therapeutic need.

Specific indications being targeted are ZGN-1061 for difficult to control Type 2 diabetes, with the potential to deliver clinical superiority compared with insulin. ZGN-1258 for PWS is in Phase 1 clinical development. ZGN-1258 is designed to change the way the body metabolizes fat, reduce fat mass, and decrease hyperphagia, making it of great interest for the treatment of PWS and other severe forms of obesity. ZFGN is also further leveraging the MetAP2 pathway to address multiple liver diseases, such as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).