Catalyzing the Transformation

of Healthcare.

The Foresite Capital team has been fantastic to work with, particularly as we've transitioned from a startup to a growth stage company. We’ve collaborated closely on a number of different points: financing, recruiting and strategy for example. It’s a true partnership.”

Nima Farzan, CEO

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"Foresite Capital has been a visionary partner."

Serge Saxonov, CEO & Co-Founder

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“Foresite Capital’s deep industry knowledge and in-house expertise has helped fuel our mission to outsmart cancer resistance.”

Tim Clackson, Theseus Pharmaceuticals

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“The Foresite Capital team has the strategic insight and the technical depth to be a true partner. They are particularly skilled at offering sound strategic direction, shaping product market fit and helping pick the right leaders for your organization.”

Jonathan Rothberg, PhD, 4Catalyzer

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"Foresite Capital uniquely understands data and biology."

Paul Dagum, Founder

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