In Memoriam – Stephen Kaldor

It is with heavy hearts that we reflect back on our time working with one of this generation’s best drug hunters, Stephen Kaldor. 

Steve passed away on August 8, 2022 in San Diego. He was an inspirational CEO and leader, a mentor to many in our field, and a dedicated family man. He was part of the extended Foresite Capital family through his role as CEO of our portfolio company Kinnate Biopharma (KNTE) and more recently, XinThera, the oncology and immunology firm, which he founded in 2021. 

I first started working with Steve in 2005 to found Amira Pharmaceuticals which ultimately was sold to BMS. In January 2017, we sketched out ideas together on a napkin for what would become Kinnate Biopharma. It was a mere 3 years before Kinnate went public – possibly a record for “napkin to IPO”. Steve was the founding CEO of Kinnate from 2018 through 2020, and a board member through 2021 during the period when Kinnate went public. Steve most recently co-founded the oncology and immunology company (and Foresite Capital portfolio company) XinThera in 2021 and served as its chairman until his death. Kinnate is in the capable hands of current CEO Nima Farzan, and XinThera is now led by Qing Dong and Chris Le Masters. 

Steve was an ardent supporter of the biotech industry in San Diego, and he worked tirelessly to support other entrepreneurs. 

Our lives and the lives of thousands of patients were improved significantly due to Steve. His important work will live on through the companies he created, and we are proud to have been in his inner circle. 

with contributions from Michael Rome.