Thyme Care – Transforming the Oncology Patient Experience Head-On

“It’s cancer.”  These words are overwhelming for any patient to hear.  The reality is that 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime; unfortunately, this means there is a high likelihood that you, or someone close to you, may have to embark on this difficult journey.  

There have been solid advances in oncology diagnostics and therapeutics over the last several decades resulting in a greater number of patients surviving and even beating cancer.  This is of course an overwhelmingly positive outcome for patients and families, but it is not without its share of challenges.  

More options drives greater complexity and variation in treatment patterns and approaches.  There may be underlying toxicity with these new  treatments that bring different, and potentially unexpected, side effects.  Physicians already challenged by capacity constraints and a high administrative workload need to stay on top of an evolving set of evidence based guidelines and address diverse patient needs. 

Patients feel lost in a healthcare ecosystem that is disjointed and misaligned – a feeling often further exacerbated when receiving a cancer diagnosis.  Patients want to find the best physician, quickly schedule a timely appointment, get answers to their questions and choose the right treatment.  Some patients need support to manage lost wages or fill gaps in caregiving.  Patients frequently lament that it would be easier to have someone “hold their hand” and help guide them through the process.  

 We think Thyme Care can not only hold their hand, but can wrap their arms around the patient.  Thyme Care’s model is simple but powerful. They bring a proprietary technology platform that consolidates payer claims data, electronic medical records, patient reported outcomes, and call notes to optimize the treatment plan and ongoing interactions. Thyme Care assigns a multidisciplinary care team to engage with each patient directly and understand their complete health status, circumstances and needs. 

Thyme Care partners with the physician care team to offer a range of services, from timely appointment scheduling and care coordination to symptom management and behavioral health support. They even address social determinants of health, providing community support to tackle issues like housing, transportation, and food insecurities. Thyme Care meets the patient where they are, personalizes the experience, and guides the patient throughout their cancer journey.

Physicians shared with us that the Thyme Care organization clearly understands the field of oncology and what is required to treat patients effectively.  These physicians also stated that implementing the Thyme Care technology platform was straightforward – and they and their patients find it easy to use.  The physician’s staff appreciates the additional support and coordination to ensure patients are appropriately cared for outside of the practice, and to address issues the physician office may not have resources to manage such as questions about insurance coverage, transportation or financial support.  As a result, Thyme Care has delivered measurable savings, improved outcomes and high engagement and patient satisfaction rates.  

We believe in investing in solutions that address challenges such as these head-on, improving patient outcomes, and enhancing the overall patient experience.  This is why we are excited about Thyme Care, and why we co-led their $60M Series B round.  They’re not just tinkering around the edges of the problem – they’re tackling it head-on, with a comprehensive approach that is transforming the patient experience. You can read more about Thyme Care in this exclusive Forbes article. 

By addressing the challenges faced by both patients and providers, Thyme Care has the potential to make a significant impact in the oncology space. We are proud to be part of this journey and look forward to seeing the positive changes Thyme Care will bring to the world of oncology care.