Avenzo Therapeutics is developing the next generation of oncology therapies for patients. The company was co-founded and led by Athena Countouriotis, MD, and Mohammad Hirmand, MD, both of whom have a history of multiple high-value exits. Dr. Countouriotis previously served as chief executive officer of Turning Point Therapeutics (TPTX), a former Foresite Capital portfolio company that was recently acquired by Bristol Myers Squibb for $4.1 billion. Dr Hirmand previously served as chief medical officer of TPTX and prior to that held the same role at Peloton Therapeutics, another Foresite Capital portfolio company that was acquired by Merck in 2019 for up to $2.2 billion. They are currently growing Avenzo Tx starting with key members of the TPTX team to evaluate many compelling opportunities for in-licensing.