Epizyme is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and plans to commercialize innovative personalized therapeutics for patients with genetically defined cancers. The company’s expertise centers around an ability to systematically identify the genetic alterations that create cancer causing genes, known as oncogenes, select patients in whom the identified genetic alteration is found, and then design small molecule therapeutic product candidates to inhibit the oncogene.

The company has built a proprietary technology platform for developing inhibitors of histone methyltransferases (HMTs), an important class of enzymes that controls gene expression. EPZM has prioritized 20 of the 96 HMTs as attractive targets for personalized therapeutics based on their oncogenic potential. The most advanced product candidate, tazemetostat, targets EZH2 for the treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and solid tumors including INI1-deficient tumors.