Genomics plc is a genome analysis company formed in 2014 by four leading scientists at the University of Oxford, including Professors Peter Donnelly (then Director of the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics) and Gil McVean (Director of Oxford’s Big Data Institute). The company’s vision is to use genomic insights to transform the drug discovery process. The company has built a sophisticated suite of analysis tools that leverage machine learning and AI, and has assembled a companion genomic dataset of 100 billion data points. This dataset, which spans an extensive range of human phenotypes, combined with Genomics plc’s unique algorithmic engine, enables powerful insights into the relationship between genetic variation and health outcomes—and allows for the identification and validation of genes and gene pathways amenable to therapeutic drug targeting. Backed by some of the leading investors in life sciences, Genomics has an expert cross-disciplinary team of over 40 people, primarily scientists and software engineers, with offices in Oxford and Cambridge UK.

Foresite Capital believes that Genomics plc will accelerate drug discovery for patients in the UK and around the world.