Inscripta is a gene-editing technology company dedicated to creating the tools needed to revolutionize how we feed, fuel, and heal humanity. This includes developing a family of CRISPR enzymes (called MADzymes), bespoke nucleases for researchers and commercial partners, and a full suite of gene-editing tools (software, instruments, and reagents) that will significantly increase the speed and efficiency of precision gene-editing. Formerly known as Muse Biotechnology, Inscripta is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with offices in Pleasanton, California.

Inscripta is giving the scientific community a clear path to pursue new research and discoveries using MAD7, which will spark innovations across biotechnology via their own unique CRISPR enzyme. For manufacturing or therapeutic use or resale, the Inscripta royalty will be a fraction of what the current major CRISPR players charge. We believe that removing the barriers to getting a CRISPR enzyme should kick start research and usher in a new era of CRISPR advances, while paving the way for their business model of selling technological instruments and reagents.