Intarcia Therapeutics has developed Medici, a highly novel drug device platform, that can deliver large molecule drugs over the course of 6-12 months. Medici is a proprietary subcutaneous delivery system comprised of a small, matchstick-sized osmotic pump that is placed sub-dermally (just beneath the skin) to deliver a slow and consistent flow of medication.

Intarcia is currently focused on Type 2 diabetes (T2D), which Foresite Capital believes is one of the largest public health threats facing the U.S. over the next decade, and existing treatment options fail to address the associated complications. T2D is a disease known for low compliance rates and requires complex patient management. Intarcia’s lead product, ITCA-650, will deliver a GLP-1 agonist for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, with 100% medication compliance. The International Diabetes Foundation estimates that the number of patients with diabetes is expected to increase to almost 600 million people worldwide by 2035 with more than 90% of diabetes patients classified as type 2.

While the T2D market is currently a multibillion dollar opportunity and is continuing to grow each year, Intarcia’s technology also has the potential to be developed for the management of diseases beyond T2D. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have provided Intarcia with grant and equity funding with the intent of developing the first once- or twice-yearly anti-HIV prophylactic therapy on the Medici platform.