LifeMine Therapeutics is reinventing drug discovery by mining fungal biodiversity to develop mechanistically and structurally novel therapeutics to address previously intractable therapeutic challenges. LifeMine’s drug discovery engine enables large-scale genomic search and retrieval of small molecule drug candidates that have a highly specific function. Through its discovery engine and proprietary fungal strain collections, LifeMine has discovered, in genomic space, hundreds of potentially high-impact drug candidates relevant to targets across all major disease areas, and has an initial focus on highly impactful precision medicines in oncology and immune modulation. The Company was founded in 2017 by renowned entrepreneur/scientists Gregory Verdine, Ph.D. and Richard Klausner, M.D., and entrepreneur/company-builder WeiQing Zhou, M.B.A. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, and with a second site at Gloucester Harbor, MA, LifeMine has raised more than $120 million from leading life science investors.