Vaxcyte, formerly known as SutroVax, is a next-generation vaccine company seeking to improve global health by developing superior and novel vaccines designed to prevent or treat some of the most common and deadly infectious diseases worldwide. The Company’s cell-free protein synthesis platform, comprising the XpressCFTM platform, exclusively licensed from Sutro Biopharma, Inc., together with Vaxcyte’s proprietary know-how, enables the design and production of protein carriers and antigens, the critical building blocks of vaccines, in ways that the Company believes conventional vaccine technologies currently cannot. In addition to its pneumococcalconjugate vaccinesin development,VAX-24and VAX-XP, Vaxcyte is leveraging its proprietary platform to advance othernovel vaccines, including a prophylacticvaccine to prevent Group AStrepinfections(VAX-A1) and a therapeuticvaccine to treat periodontaldisease (VAX-PG).