Welcoming the Foresite Fellows

Foresite Capital Fellows top row L-R: Ang Cui, Charlie Lee, Chase Kelley, Justin Lee, Rasa Elmentaite, Vishwesh Shah

Bottom row L-R: Foresite Capital Fellows Xinhong Chen, Yaqi Zhang; Foresite Labs Fellows Ankeeta Shah, Dror Assa and Tim Aikin.


We are excited to welcome the first cohort of the Foresite Fellows program. The Foresite Fellows program is a two-track part-time paid internship program from Foresite Capital and our sister incubator, Foresite Labs

Foresite Capital Fellows: 

  • Ang Cui | Medical Engineering and Medical Physics | Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
  • Charlie Lee | Medical student | Harvard Medical School
  • Chase Kelley | Genetics & Genomics | University of Florida
  • Justin Lee | Bioengineering/Medical student | Caltech/UCLA
  • Rasa Elmentaite | Biological Sciences | Cambridge/Wellcome Sanger Institute
  • Vishwesh Shah | Bioengineering | UCLA
  • Xinhong Chen | Neurobiology | Caltech
  • Yaqi Zhang | Pharmaceutical Sciences | Northwestern

Foresite Labs Fellows: 

  • Ankeeta Shah | Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology | University of Chicago
  • Dror Assa | Biomedical Sciences | UCSF
  • Tim Aikin | Molecular Biology & Genetics | Johns Hopkins

This is an exceptionally talented group of colleagues – who were selected from more than 190 applicants – and includes inventors, scientists, engineers, physicians-in-training, and a co-founder. Their research interests are as diverse as the candidates themselves, ranging from identifying novel treatments for ovarian cancer to uncovering novel immune cell states using single-cell technologies to non-invasive cell control using ultrasound. 

And, as part of our first-ever Fellowship program, these Fellows are all pioneers. We are thrilled to welcome them to team Foresite.

I would like to specifically highlight the efforts of Foresite Capital employee Jacob Barlow, and Foresite Labs employees Matt Luminais and Nuné Martiros, for helping to launch this inaugural program. 

– R. Scott McIsaac, Ph.D.