Arcus Biosciences is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company focused on the reversal of tumor associated immunosuppression. By targeting pathways that are ubiquitously involved in cancer, the company hopes to restore the immune system’s ability to destroy tumor cells and diminish tumor options for escape. The initial program portfolio will target therapeutic nodes with the potential to block active immunosuppression pathways as well as selectively stimulate the tumor-killing activity of selected effector immune cells.

Arcus is pursuing both small-molecule and protein-based therapeutics. We believe the science and founders of Arcus Biosciences are world-class. The CEO, Dr. Terry Rosen, was the former CEO of Flexus Biosciences, which was acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb for $1.25 billion. The company’s President, Dr. Juan Jaen, was also a founder of Flexus Biosciences and has advanced over 20 molecules into clinical development. Arcus is aligned with the prestigious ChEM-H institute at Stanford University and is advancing discovery projects that leverage underexploited academic research that is now ready for translation into drug discovery. Foresite Capital believes immune-targeted cancer treatments will be an enormous growth category during the next decade.