Lyell Immunopharma is focused on treating cancer with cellular therapies: living, smart, targeted drugs. While enormous strides have been made, especially in hematologic cancers, the team at Lyell believes the full promise of these therapies still lies ahead. Cell-based immunotherapies have yet to show substantial benefit in solid tumors, which represent the vast majority of cancers. Lyell’s goal is to develop curative cell-based immunotherapies for any cancer, with a focus on Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells (CAR-T) and solid tumors. Based on pioneering work at Stanford and the National Cancer Institute, Lyell is developing the next generation of CAR-T Cell therapies for previously refractory tumors.

Foresite Capital believes Lyell brings unique insight and experienced leadership to address the challenge of T Cell exhaustion in treating cancer with CAR T Cell therapies.