CEO & Managing Director


  • Founded Foresite Capital in 2011.
  • Co-founded GelTex, which was acquired for $1.6 billion by Sanofi-Genzyme.
  • Co-founded Theravance, Inc., (Total Market Cap of $2.68B) which subsequently changed its name to Innoviva, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVA) and with its spin-off Theravance BioPharma, Inc. (NASDAQ: TBPH), the companies have a combined market capitalization of $2.68 billion.
  • Earned BS and BSEE from Yale University in Applied Math and Computer Science and M.S. from MIT, MD and MBA from Harvard University.
  • Member of Yale’s University Council and the advisory committee of the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science.
  • 2015, 2016, 2017 Midas list

Jim leveraged his unique experiences as a biopharmaceutical entrepreneur and healthcare investment firm co-founder to found Foresite Capital with a different approach. He believes that healthcare transformation requires a radically collaborative approach, free of silos and internal competition, so he structured Foresite Capital so that every investment gets every investor. The firm is designed from the ground up as a full lifecycle investor, because value creation doesn’t stop at the IPO. Jim is the chief architect of the company’s investment organization structure and investment strategy, and is spearheading its focus on the revolution in healthcare based on personalization of medicine.

Prior to founding Foresite Capital, Jim co-founded two leading biopharmaceutical companies and two healthcare investment practices. While finishing Harvard University Medical and Business Schools and earning an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:GENZ), which brought two drugs to market for less than $80 million. GelTex was acquired in 1998 for $1.6 billion, when its lead drug, Renagel (Renzela) had an annual revenue run rate in excess of $200 million. Today, Renzela is estimated to produce close to $1 billion in annual revenue, 22 years after its launch. Jim also co-founded and was CEO of Theravance, Inc. which shares GSK’s respiratory franchise through a joint venture, Innoviva (NASDAQ: INVA), and completed a spin-off, Theravance Biopharma, Inc. (NASDAQ: TBPH). The two companies have a combined market capitalization of approximately $3.2 billion.

Jim’s investment experience includes being a founding partner of Prospect Venture Partners II and III, and earlier in his career, a partner at Sierra Ventures, where he helped establish its healthcare services investment practice. Jim has led numerous investments, including Amira Pharmaceuticals (acquired by NYSE: BMS), Amerigroup (NASDAQ: AMGP), Healtheon (NASDAQ:WBMD), and Jazz Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: JAZZ). Jim founded Foresite Capital with the vision of marrying elements of all aspects of his career to create a novel investment platform.